Monday, August 18, 2008


no other love can compare

for when You died for me,
You paid the price,
Yours for mine.

that by that price, i get a second chance in life.

You love me.
You wonder if i do too.

You taught me how to love,
love requires sacrifice.
it's something You already did for me
what have i
for You

no matter how many times i've failed You,
no mistake could ever stop You from loving me,
the way i am

i offer myself as a living sacrifice,
surrendering my all to You.
even though it might be hard sometimes,
i give way for You to move n make a difference in me.

change me, mould me

whats left of this life, my life
refusing myself for You
i'm letting You take the lead
as i learn from You each day

I love You
my Creator, my Saviour, my Life
Jesus Christ

I love You
because You first loved me.

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